World stars will take the stage of the National Opera Ukraine

The project, initiated by the chief is the director of the National Opera Anatoly Solovyanenko, is to show the greatest local artists who sing on the best stages in the world, not in the traditional gala concerts, and within full operas: the elements that make the most reveals the talent of singers.

In December 2015, as part of this season launched a large-scale project “Ukrainian opera stars in the world” for lovers of opera be meeting with invited soloists – the stars of the world stage.

December 11 – the opera “Boris Godunov” (Mussorgsky)

Party Boris performs world-known singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine and winner of international competitions Alexander Tsymbaliuk. Its unique bass has won the hearts of fans in Kiev Timur party in the opera “Turandot” by Puccini, which was sold out at the National Opera of Ukraine, November 22, 2015.

“I’m not interested in this present form of” mad “king frightened. Still a person with his inner world. Intrigues, clashes, wars, famine … In general – from the groom to the throne. Such a person can not a priori be weak. It’s a flint ! The role of Boris must prepare for life. It ripens than a year or even ten. with years of this image is gaining a new quality, – said Alexander Tsymbaliuk the role of Boris Godunov in one of his interviews. – Boris Godunov reigned over 20 years, and only in the last few years of him was something mo dbuvatysya. I thought: How can a person so long to stay in power? And simply – if it is strong, cunning, clever, then it all has to come out. But it can so dramatically weakened by several years? Just him to this bar. And how? Probably poisoned – through food, through the bath. Then it was a “classic.” I think that all those of his hallucinations, fears caused primarily poisoning … it’s one of my versions … ”

December 16 – the opera “Eugene Onegin” (Tchaikovsky)

Party Tatiana perform unsurpassed Olga Mikitenko (Honored Artist of Ukraine and winner of the prestigious award of the opera: Grand Prix Competition. Maria Callas).

At the party Eugene Onegin – a young soloist Andrei Bondarenko: Ukrainian stunning with their ’28 global careers. Despite his young age, Andrei Bondarenko has already managed to assert themselves at the Salzburg Festival in Carnegie Hall and Wigmore Hall (London), the Hlayndborzkomu Festival (UK) and others. He also toured the “Teatro Colon” (Teatro Colon) – Opera House in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Cologne Opera and at the Sydney Opera House.

Repertoire of rich velvety baritone to various parties – but most attention should be paid to the same party in the same Eugene Onegin opera Tchaikovsky. Andrew has performed this role in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and made his debut with them in a more avant-garde setting in. Cologne (Germany). However, theater critics are unanimous in their opinion: Bondarenko perfectly fits the role of Onegin. It is like no other represents the hero from all sides, whether or bored dandy ardent lover singing his undeniably charming and conquers women’s hearts. Critics say Andriy Bondarenko one of the best performers Party Eugene Onegin. The very same singer as expressed on the role: “I think that each of us is Eugene Onegin. After all, with each of us occurred a time of life when we told himself:” Tired of this life is boring and monotonous. “And this history shows people that we should not be afraid of changes in his soul and heart. Generally, when starting rehearsals, often the question arises: why he called it “Eugene Onegin” and not “Tatyana Larina?” but I think that opera is still about it, it was his misfortune, not Tatiana. not just because I sing this role. I think it is still so and its history and its tragedy. The tragedy – the unwillingness to find happiness and unwillingness to change yourself … ”

December 20 – the opera “Iolanta” (Tchaikovsky)

In the audience waiting for another star duo Olga Mikitenko (Jolanta Party) and Evgeny Orlov (Rene Party).

Orlov has already managed to conquer the hearts of the metropolitan opera fans their marvelous stately and noble bass in the party of Philip II ( “Don Carlos” by Verdi).

“Iolanta” – Tchaikovsky last opera, written a year before his death in 1891, and is considered the brightest opera composer. Kiev viewers first met with the opera “Iolanta” in theatrical season 1903 – 1904, 1913 – 1914, and the scene Academic Opera and Ballet named after the USSR. Shevchenko premiere of “Iolanta” was held December 7, 1961.

Staging the opera “Iolanta” in 2011 at the National Opera of Ukraine, which made a conductor, People’s Artist of Ukraine, People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Kozhukhar, directed by Nicholas Tretiak, People’s Artist of Ukraine Maria Levitskaia – is beautiful and full of poetic perfection tale of love, faith in God , great fortitude, moral purity, generosity, willingness to sacrifice, which is so lacking in today’s life.

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