‘Ukrainian classical artist management’ Project is in a league of its own and second to none in Ukraine!

The core business of the organization (UCAM) is delivering all necessary services to support gifted opera artists who want to express themselves and perform their talents within Europe and all over the world. The founding team of this project is prominent figures representing very different areas of modern Ukrainian culture:

Andrii Bondarenko
Co-founder, one of the most famous baritones of our time, that glorifies Ukraine, performing on stages of the largest Opera Houses.

Christina Vasylenko
Executive Director, Artist Manager, Administration, and Logistics.

Vitalii Palchikov
Managing Director, Tours & Projects.

Michael Yasynskiy
Secret Service EA CEO/Managing Director PR & Entertainment Marketing Expert.

Maria Zaikina
Artist Manager, Administration, and Logistics.


‘When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true’

— Montserrat Caballé: —






Vitalii Palchykov
Managing Director & Artist Manager
Christina Vasylenko
 Artist Manager
Administration and Logistics
tel. +380636238583 (UA)
      +436641789846 (AT)



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